1. CTA rider - Chicago, IL 2014

  2. Life is good and skin is leathery in LA. 

  3. Rooftop cocktails with my big sister at her apartment in Silverlake, LA - 2014

  4. More from Camp Gecko Triangle trip - Dufur Oregon - Mt Hood National forest - 2014

  5. Ali O’neill - Camp Gecko Triangle, Mt Hood national forest, Oregon - 2014

  6. olfactionpdx:

    Rose and sandalwood as one, boost self esteem and mental strength, while evoking positive thoughts and spiritual relaxation. Their aphrodisiac elements radiate an enticing scent, while traces of black peppercorns strengthen alertness and enhance stamina❤️

    I don’t have a proper way to ship yet, but once I do my etsy shop will start up! So PDX friends if you need a special birthday present for someone as equally special, or you want to treat yourself, Roselie will be on sale for $45 and she comes with a handmade pouch!

    Great gift ideas by Olfaction. 

  7. Ochoco National Forest 2014

  8. More of Kelsey Langston from Smith Rock road trip 2014.

  9. Kelsey Langston - Smith Rock 2014

  10. Following her around Oregon backroads 2014

  11. Portrait of my mom burning stuff. She’s a pretty incredible woman. 2014

  12. Loser Cool Surfboards - Westport, Washington 2014

  13. Moto campin’ in Gifford Pinchot national forest with @rkholmes @tonyiorio @strike_everywhere

  14. Buckman

  15. Portland 2014